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Each client begins with a free walkthrough of the property. We will evaluate and appraise the contents of the house, explain the process, and discuss if an estate sale is the best for you.  

Office Meeting


Dr. P's commission is based on the amount of money the sale made, the condition of the property, and whether or not any post-sale clean-out is needed. Our rates are at (or slightly less) than the industry standard, and we clearly outline all fees in our contract - no surprise fees!


All of our online sales will be viewed by thousands of potential buyers. Between advertising on, Facebook and Instagram, and regular emails to our large and dedicated regular customers, you can rest assured knowing your items will be seen by many who are eager to give your cherished items new life! 

Sale Window


The majority of our sales are conducted online via Rust Belt Revival, the preeminent online auction house in Northeast Ohio. The duration of sales is seven days, after which time all buyers pick up their items on the same day. We also offer shipping, so we can market your items to an even wider audience!

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