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Simple and Caring

Dr. P's estate liquidation was founded with the goal of helping grieving families easily deal with their lost loved ones' estates. Losing a loved one is a painful process, one that can be made worse by what is left behind. In our experience, working with a knolwedgable, guiding hand can ease this burden while also yeilding a healthy return for the family. 

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"Mitch was excellent. He guided me through the liquidation process after we sold our house.
I couldn't ask for better, pleasant and accommodating service"

“Dr. P’s was a huge help in hosting an estate sale at a property we inherited and, once the estate sale was complete, completely emptying the property. We dealt with Mitch and he was very kind, professional and thorough. We especially appreciated his prompt response to questions we had as the process unfolded. We didn’t know where to begin, so it was huge to our peace-of-mind to know Dr. Ps was able to handle so much. Very highly recommended!"

"Very professional and kind people! When my family member had to move to assisted living, I didn't know what to do with all the stuff in the house! They were empathetic and efficient and made me some money. Definitely took a major stress off my plate. Thanks!"

- Sarah Dicken


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